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Web Offset Folder

Web Offset Folder is a 2 cylinder type Jaw folder with production capacity of up to 16000 copies per hour and based on 1:2 principal. Web Offset Folder can handle up to 3 webs easily to print a 12 page of a Broad Sheet Newspaper. Optionally Quarter page and 1/8 folder is also available as an attachment to this folder. Our company is one of the eminent Exporter and Supplier of Web Offset Folder in the global market. We provide high quality Web Offset Folders at the most reasonable rates.

  • Both 2 & 3 cylinder type folders are available for different speed ranges from 16000 to 30000 copies per hour.
  • All folders are designed for quick changeover from half to 1/4 fold, 1/8 fold or double parallel fold.
  • Centralized lubrication for drive gears.
  • Slitter knife on RTF Roller Mechanical/ Electrical good copy counter.

Quarter Folder
The 1/4 Folder contains a Chopper and two folding rollers which fold the half folded sheet once more, perpendicularly to the previous fold seam. The unit can disengaged when 1/2 page fold delivery is required.

One Eighth Folder
The 1/8 Folder is similar to the 1/4 folder. It folds 1/4 sheet once more, perpendicularly to the quarter fold seam.

Technical Specifications

Type508 mm
Cut off
533 mm
Cut off
546 mm
Cut off
560 mm
Cut off
578 mm
Cut off
Folder Speed16000 CPH
30000 CPH
16000 CPH
30000 CPH
16000 CPH
30000 CPH
16000 CPH
30000 CPH
16000 CPH
30000 CPH
Cut Off Sizes508 mm20"533 mm21"546 mm21.5"560 mm22"578 mm22. 75"
Plate & Blanket Width889 mm35"889 mm35"889 mm35"889 mm35"889 mm35"
Plate Length UnbentGripper516 mm20.3"541 mm21.2"554 mm21.8"568 mm22.3"586 mm23.07"
Slit539 mm21.2"563 mm22.2"577 mm22.7"591 mm23.2"609 mm23. 9"
Plate Thickness0.30 mm0.011"0.30 mm0.011"0.30 mm0.011"0.30 mm0.011"0.30 mm0.011"
Blanket Length with bars556 mm21.8"581 mm22.8"594 mm23.3"608 mm23.9"626 mm24.6"
Blanket thickness1.65 mm0.065"1.65 mm0.065"1.65 mm0.065"1.65 mm0.065"1.65 mm0.065"
Reel Width737-88929"-35"737-88929"-35"737-88929"-35"737-88929"-35"737-88929"-35"
Reel Diameter1070 mm42"1070 mm42"1070 mm42"1070 mm42"1070 mm42"
Printing Length482 mm18.9"507 mm19.9"520 mm20.4"534 mm21"552 mm21.7"
Blanket ThicknessWith packing2.1 mm0.082"2.1 mm0.082"2.1 mm0.082"2.1 mm0.082"2.1 mm0.082"
W/o packing1.65 mm0.065"1.65 mm1.650.065"1.65 mm0.065"1.65 mm0.065"0.065"

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