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Prepress Equipment

Itâs no wonder that SAHIL is the first name in graphic printing equipment. All equipments are built with SAHILâS unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to quality, durability, innovation, and design excellence.

The range of such prepress equipments are instant start metal halide plate exposures, flip top vacuum printing down frame, mini plate maker, screen exposure with 20 memory, plate coating whirler, plate graining machine, plate developing sink, plate baking oven/plate curing equipment, ctp computer to plate system, pasting & touching table, lining up table, vertical process camera, damper roller washer/damper cleaning machine, contact printer, plate developing sink, automatic ps plate processor, plate processing unit, plate bending machine, web plate bender, plate registration punch, master heat fuser box etc. In addition to all, we calculated as incomparable ps plate processor manufacturer, supplier of India.

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Damper Roller Washer
Damper Roller cleaning machine is simple to use & operate; it is equipped with stainless steel tank to clean the dampening rollers. Manual cleaning of rollers requires more than 15 minutes to clean one roller causing a lot of untidiness and greatly reducing the life of the dampening rollers. The Machine cleans three rollers simultaneously

Flip Top Printing Down Plate Exposure
Sahil Flip Top is specially designed for rapid sufficient production of Plates, sturdily built-in with all metal construction. Single sided / Double sided both models are available with Metal Halide Tube for exposing. It exposes plates and proofing materials faster than comparable Mercury Vapor Lamps and assures image accuracy and color

Instant Start Metal Halide Plate Exposure
SAHIL's highly affordable Instant Start Metal Halide Plate Exposure are designed to ensure fast, consistent exposures and superior image reproduction on P.S. Plates, Conventional Plates, Proofing material and Textile printing. The instant-start power supply saves energy by eliminating warm up and idling times. It is available in 1 KW & 3 KW

Pasting & Touching Table
Our Pasting & Touching Table is ideal for planning and viewing transparencies, art work, press jobs etc. Specially Acrylic sheet over light source cuts reflection. The Five durable steel drawers in our table provide convenient storage space. We are a reliable pasting table exporter and one of the renowned touching table suppliers in India.

Plate Bending Machine
We are counted as the major Plate Blending Machine exporter in the world. In addition, we are one of the major suppliers of plate bending machine.
  • Plate Bender fixture for Web Offset.
  • Precise and accurate bending for any web machine.
  • Plate Bender is available for 508, 546, 560, 578 cut-offs or any desired

Plate Coating Whirler
Sahil Plate Coating Whirler is compact, soundless and elegant design. In addition, Aluminum turn table for easy maintenance. Control Panel located safety to avoid chemical contact. Counter balanced lid and surrounded for durability and easy handling. Variable speed through DC Drive Motor.

Sizes : 20" x 30" & 30" x 40"

Plate Curing Machine
  • Sahil PS Plate baking oven is specially designed to Bake P.S.Plates on a large surface, which improves efficiency & is completely insulated. It saves heat loss and avoids hot air in the surrounding working areas.
  • Sturdy mild steel Powder coated body ensures trouble free working
  • Simple and compact Control Panel easily

Plate Developing Sink
Our Plate Developing Sink is moulded one-piece, tough chemically resistant fibre body. It saves time and makes the plate processing quick, efficient & comfortable. Our heavy duty plate developing sink has a convenient drain outlet provision mounted on heavy-duty frame. We supply our plate developing sink at quite affordable prices and we

Plate Graining Machine
Our Plate Graining Machine is heavy duty and strong structure to bear the vibrations of the suspended machine on thick and strong chains. The bed tilting arrangement of it, is to empty out the graining balls. Our heavy duty plate graining machine is available in 41â x 51â size. Our company is well known as a plate graining machine

Screen Exposure
Sahil Screen Exposing Machine is Built with Heavy Duty Box Section Framework & Fitted with Toughened Glass. It also Consist Imported High Quality Molded One-piece Rubber Blanket for Proper/correct Vacuum and Using Instant Start Metal Halide Tube 1 K.w./ 3 K.w. for Fast Accurate Exposing. this is Control By Digital Electronic Timer with 20

Table Top Mini Exposure
We are a renowned Table Top Mini Exposure exporter. Our table top mini exposure is designed for rapid and efficient production of offset plates. Our table top mini plate exposure can also used for opening of five star films for screen printing. This compact plate exposure unit has its own built in Metal Halide light source & Vacuum pump

Vertical Process Camera
We are the major vertical process and semi Vertical Process Camera suppliers in the nation. We are one of the prominent names in the market that gives in wonderful vertical process digital camera. Process camera is fitted with f-150 & f- 270 rodenstock lenses. Digital based technology gives fast, accurate and unmatched reproduction from 20%

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