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Que. WHERE CAN I BUY SAHIL OFFSET PRINTING MACHINE? Ans. Sahil Graphics is located at Faridabad, (Adjoining Delhi). Our Direct Sales Network & Dealer Network is spread throughout India. Our Executives / Dealers will give you necessary assistance in purchasing machines suitable as per requirements.   Que. CAN I PRINT PVC / POLYTHENE BAGS ON SAHIL OFFSET MACHINE? Ans. Yes, This is the major advantage of Sahil Poly Offset Model. Sahil Poly offset machine are upgradeable machines & specially made for printing and drying Poly / PVC surface to meet the requirement for quality short/long run jobs on plastic bags. You can print Poly bags on this machine by using special attachment of UV Curing System designed by Sahil with this machine. You can even use same machine for printing of normal paper jobs also. Que. SHALL I NEED 3 PHASE POWER CONNECTION FOR SAHIL OFFSET MACHINES? Ans. We offer different models to our customer to meet their different types of requirements, but you need only single phase supply to operate Sahil mini offset & three phase supply for other bigger size machines. Apart from that Single Phase Supply is also available for bigger size machines on demand.   Que. CAN I USE POLY MASTER AS WELL AS P.S. PLATES ON SAHIL MACHINES? Ans. Yes, Our machines are designed to fulfill all type of market demands and Hence you can use polyester Master as well as P.S. Plates on any Sahil model Comfortably. Que. CAN I GET AFTER SALES SERVICE FOR MACHINE ANYWHERE IN INDIA? Ans. Yes, Our Service network is spread all over India and also in few Foreign countries. Dealers are located strategically to ensure prompt after sales service to our customers. Our experts are always close at hand - and spare parts are delivered promptly. Freelance service engineers are also located at different places for providing prompt service. Que. HOW DO YOU TRAINED OUR OPERATOR FOR SAHIL OFFSET MACHINE? Ans. Sahil mini offset is very simple and easy to operate machine & any operator can run the machine after little training & guidance. During installation of machine, our service engineer will teach your operator about operating and trouble shooting. If you want a trainer for more time, it is also available on cost basis. Que. WHAT ARE THE TAXES APPLICABLE ON SAHIL OFFSET MACHINE? Ans. Sahil only offers you commercially clear machine. Excise duty is not applicable on Sahil machine. You have to pay only sales tax @2% against form âCâ if you are registered with sales tax department otherwise sales tax will be charged @ 4%. Que. WHEN DO I CALL FOR TECHNICIANS FOR SERVICING? Ans. There is no firm rule for this, but if you are maintaining your machine properly, then just one servicing per year is more than sufficient to keep your machine in top working condition. Sahil machines require very few service calls. Que. CAN I GET FREE SERVICES FOR MY NEW SAHIL MACHINE? Ans. Yes, all Sahil machines are covered under one year warranty & hence during this period you will get all services & spare parts absolutely free. Only few Rubber components, Bearings & Electrical items are not covered under warranty.   Que. WHAT IS AVERAGE LIFE OF SAHIL OFFSET MACHINE? Ans. Sahil machines have reputation for giving long trouble free service. You just need to maintain your machine properly as per guidelines provided by our technician. You can see 8-10 years old Sahil machines working as good as new machine in many parts of our country.   Que. CAN I USE ANY INK ON SAHIL MACHINE? Ans. Yes, You can use any offset Ink on Sahil machine. But you just ensure that the quality of ink should be good enough to produce fair print quality as far as machine performance is concerned any ink suitable for use in offset machine is ok. Que. DOES SAHIL GRAPHICS OFFERS AMC AFTER WARRANTY PERIOD? Ans. Sahil machines require minimum maintenance, However AMC can assure you peace of mind and also give you advance notice about impending replacement. We provide AMC on per-visit basis.

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